Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman is a comprehensive programme designed for women at all stages (from pregnancy, through to postnatal and way beyond) who want to work on pelvic floor, core and overall health with a functional exercise programme. We also work on healing, nutrition and lifestyle, plus homework each week to enhance your progress.

The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body with your Pelvic and Core Health at the centre of our focus.
The Holistic Core Restore® ‘Every Woman’ programme truly is a gift that keeps giving and one that EVERY WOMAN should give herself at least once in her lifetime! Ideally you will complete the 12 week programme to ensure that you are achieving the best possible results from this evidence based programme.

This course is all about you – the woman, the Mum, the person that holds it all together. I can 100% guarantee that you will feel stronger on the inside and out by committing yourself to working with me.

If you are ready to invest in your health and heal any pelvic floor dysfunction or stress incontinence issues then get in touch. If you’ve been told by your GP to ‘strengthen your pelvic floor’ and if you have been given the go ahead to exercise then this is the right time for you.

Pelvic floor dysfunction and health and tummy gap

Once you have made the life changing decision to start the programme, you’ll be asked to complete the HCR Red Flag Pre-Screen to decide if this ‘conservative’ exercise-based programme is right for you or whether you need clinical attention.

The programme is split up into 2 phases with the first 6 weeks being ‘live’ sessions where we meet up each week (ideally to keep consistency within the programme) and you will need to continue with your online programme and complete your homework. You will continue to have support from me throughout both phases.

You’ll receive your login details for the HCR Online Platform via email which will allow you to log in and view your additional filmed homework and healing education film and colour recipe booklet. Both homework and following the HCR Healing Nutrition Principles are essential and when followed will truly improve your results and the value you derive from the programme. I will guide you through these principles to help you find simple ways for you to make a big difference to how you support your health via eating ‘just real food’.

Phase 1

We will meet up to really master the exercises and techniques that you have learnt from the videos in the online portal. We will go through a hands-on Pre-Screening which includes tests for your Core function so that I know where you are on your recovery journey and the programme can truly be tailored to your needs. You will receive your HCR Client Education Booklet and the items of fitness kit required for the course.

Phase 2

This phase is optional but it will really help you to integrate into your life the exercises that you have already followed in phase 1 and the great work you have achieved. It is a highly recommended option if you want to continue to build on the foundations of phase 1.

For this 6 weeks online you will have weekly workout videos emailed to you from Jenny Burrell and continue to be able to gain access and support from me throughout. As in phase 1, you will have permanent access to the content and will be able to ask questions regarding any aspect of your health.

This second phase is perfect to add to the first as you don’t need to be leaving home each week to continue to receive the benefits and to truly cement together everything that you have learnt during the programme.

The homework exercises during the programme are progressed and so over the course of the 6 or 12 weeks, as your strength and co-ordination improves, the exercises will become more challenging.

Is this programme for me?

This Programme is for you if you answer ‘YES’ to most of these questions….

  • Wants to know more about Pelvic Floor, Core and overall health

  • Has experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing.

  • Wants to strengthen her core.

  • Has a small diastasis (tummy separation) that they want to heal.

  • Has lower back pain that is related to a ‘weak core’.

  • Wants a better looking tummy

  • Has seen a clinician about a low level prolapse and has been told to do pelvic floor exercises. In 6 or 12 weeks (depending on your chosen programme) with regular homework you’ll be feeling the differences with a stronger body, a  better-looking tummy and of a stronger and better-functioning Pelvic Floor.

Please contact adele@purebodybyadele.co.uk for more information and for the pre-screening form to ensure that this is the right course for you. Or, if you fancy a chat about it, drop me an email with your number and I will give you a call.



Option 1:

Pay for the full 12 weeks (Phase 1 and Phase 2) £497 (can be paid in 3 instalments)

Option 2:

Pay for the LIVE 6 week course (Phase 1) £410 (which can be paid in 3 monthly instalments of £137) and have the option of adding the ONLINE (Phase 2) course on after for £97.

*Please note that a space is guaranteed only upon receipt of the 1st payment.

The cost includes ongoing support from me throughout the whole programme, homework videos to access, a programme guide/handbook and all the equipment that you need. A diastases (tummy check) is also carried out along with a phone consultation prior to the programme starting.

Please contact adele@purebodybyadele.co.uk for more information and for the pre-screening form to ensure that this is the right course for you. Or, if you fancy a chat about it, drop me an email with your number and I will give you a call.