Purebody by Adele provides a wide range of Pilates & barre classes in Thames Ditton, Surrey. Pre and post natal clients are able to attend, and all clients can try out classes in Barre, Barre/HIP® fusion/Pilates express or classical Pilates. BalletBeFit and Sleek Technique classes are also available.

Deep abdominal exercises and strengthening are at the heart of all the workouts alongside using your own body resistance and resistance equipment to improve your flexibility.  Classes help prevent and ease back pain.

You will be taught how to incorporate breathing patterns, self care, postural alignment checks and about abdominal strength.

Pilates class using small equipment and the reformer.



Group Pilates class using the Pilates magic circle. Based in a studio in Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Everybody should do Pilates, it's as simple as that! The classes have a deep rooted foundation in traditional and classical pilates and are organised by ability level.

The group classes are designed for those who have no serious injuries and enjoy exercising alongside others. They are available in beginner/improver levels through to the more intermediate and advanced level. HIP ® Pilates is also available.

Pilates classes will help develop your strength, and help with flexibility and alignment.

Rehabilitative moves are incorporated into the classes alongside new ideas and strategies to add more challenge.