Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy our bodies experience many changes and transformations in both posture and hormones. Pregnancy is a time of excitement and joy and most certainly a time when we deserve to give ourselves special care and attention.

However, being pregnant will put a lot pressure on your body, particularly on your spine, neck and weight-bearing joints, leading to discomfort in these areas. Now is a perfect time to gift to yourself a wonderfully relaxing pregnancy massage to alleviate any aches, pains and niggles.

How can Pregnancy Massage Help?

Specialist pregnancy massage can aid in the relief of:

  • Back & Pelvic Pain

  • Tarsal / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Ribcage Pain

  • Headaches

  • Cramping / Restless Legs

  • Swollen Hands / Feet

  • Piriformis Syndrome / Sciatica

  • Poor Sleep

  • Anxiety

Pregnancy Massage will help you to reconnect to your body and also create a deeper bond with your baby. The power of touch from another person can also make you feel a lot calmer during your pregnancy and provide you with support as and when needed.


£60 for a 60 minute appointment

£165 for 3x 60 minute appointments

£75 for a 75 minute appointment

£205 for 3x 75 minute appointments

Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment. After that the full rate for the massage will be due.

Pregnancy massage in side lying position for comfort