Are you looking to Energise, Rebalance, Strengthen & Restore your body? I can help you to be the best body for your body with my Barre & Pilates classes in Thames Ditton, Surrey & women’s health, Holistic Therapy & massage in Guildford, Surrey.


Barre classes in Thames Ditton, Pilates classes in Thames Ditton & Massage therapy in Thames Ditton, Surrey - Women’s Health, Pelvic floor & core & Massage therapy in Guildford, Surrey

Remember when you didn’t care about getting undressed with the lights on? Let’s find that confidence again.

I can help you to Be the Best Body for Your Body. To help you Restore, Rebalance and Strengthen. I am a nurse, Barre and Pilates teacher in Hampton Court and Thames Ditton, Surrey - I am Passionate about helping you achieve your body goals. I am Dedicated to helping you feel amazing, strong and restored in your body.

My Pilates classes in Thames Ditton, Surrey will teach you about your body and how it works and moves. Your body deserves care and attention and to learn how to breathe correctly. My Barre classes in Thames Ditton, Surrey will get you moving with grace and ease. Holistic Core Restore® in Guildford, Surrey will strengthen and energise your body and strengthen your pelvic floor and stomach muscles. My pregnancy, post natal and sport massage therapy in Hampton Court and Guildford, Surrey, will support all of these methods.

My Purebody Method Barre and Pilates classes in Thames Ditton can change your life; can help heal you from the inside out. They can help enhance your mental health and wellbeing. Group barre and Pilates classes in Thames Ditton and duet or private 1-2-1 sessions are available. I look forward to working with you to reach your desired outcome.


Barre & Pilates Classes in Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Are you looking to energise, strengthen and tone your body and improve your postural alignment and breathing? I offer 3 different levels of Pilates class in a full equipped studio in Thames Ditton, Surrey - High Intensity Pilates class, Intermediate Pilates class and an Improver Pilates class. I also offer duet private barre and Pilates sessions and individual 121 Barre and Pilates sessions at the studio located at KT7 0HB. Check out my schedule of barre and pilates classes and duet and individual private sessions and we can find the best solution to solve whatever 'want and need' that you have.



Relax and Restore

Massage Therapy in Hampton Court, Thames Ditton & Guildford, Surrey.

Your body is like a canvas. It carries stories from your life and the tensions that can be created within it. Massage therapy from either Thames Ditton or Guildford, Surrey, is a great way to reduce tension and realign your fascia of the muscles.

Our bodies need to be released of any ‘stuck’ areas to be able to move properly to support our daily life.

Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue Massage - Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage available as mobile massage appointments in Hampton Court, Thames Ditton and from Surrey Osteopathic Care in Guildford, Surrey.


Core Restore

Holistic Core Restore ® in Guildford, Surrey

The Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman programme is a gift I can offer to you from Surrey Osteopathic Care in Guildford or at your home. It is a gift that to you that keeps on giving. I would recommend EVERYWOMAN tries the 6 or 12 week programme at least once in their life to feel the true benefit of this amazing research and education. The beauty of the programme is that it is designed for all woman and will be a life changing experience for you. Regardless of what life stage you are in, you will reconnect with your body and learn so much about nutrition and women's wellness/fitness.


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