Terms & Conditions

Purebody by Adele will aim to help with each question as far as is practically possible.

  • I will use my skills and knowledge to design and provide fun, safe and effective classes and private sessions for my clients dependent on need, goal and ability.

  • I will provide supervision, coaching and correction when necessary to help you achieve these goals.

  • All client personal information will be handled and kept private as per the terms in the privacy policy.

Client’s responsibilities

  • The client must fully disclose any known injury or medical condition in the pre-class health questionnaire prior to them attending their first class.

  • If at anytime the client experience feelings of nausea, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, injury or chest pain, they are to stop immediately and inform the trainer of this.

  • To understand that an exercise programme will yield results but that these results will not be immediate and are dependent on each different client and programme undertaken.

Health Screening

  • A PARQ (health questionnaire) must be completed prior to the start of any new exercise programme

  • Purebody by Adele reserves the right to request a GP medical clearance letter before a client commences exercise with them if they are not satisfied with the PARQ results.

Cancellation Policy

  • All sessions must be cancelled with 24 hours notice.

  • If you are ill or injured with short notice, then we will endeavour to either reschedule or transfer a class, but this is subject to each different situation and at the discretion of Purebody by Adele.

  • Notice of less than 24 hours will incur full payment of the cost of the class or the session.

Lateness policy

  • If the client is late, then the session will not be able to be extended and will end at the agreed time.

  • If the instructor is late, additional time will be added to the session or a slightly longer session will be delivered next time.

Fee charging policy

  • All sessions must be paid for in advance. Payments must be received and cleared before the start of the first session.

  • All fees paid are non-refundable.