Just take a moment to Breathe……..

Just take a moment to Breathe……..

Procrastination!!  Is this something that we are all guilty of to some extent?  Possibly the mother of all evils when it comes to trying to organise what you have to do and actually get down to doing it!  

Now I’m not one to procrastinate a great deal as I like to get things done as soon as I can, as I feel that there is so much I need to do and never enough time!  My friends and family will undoubtedly vouch for the fact that I find it impossible to sit still and I am constantly looking for more ways to fill my time.

However, I have found recently that the more I am trying to build my brand, add more classes to my schedule and connect with more people, that perhaps I am procrastinating a bit more?

It’s so easy to find excuses as to why we don’t have time to do things: busy work life, family, social life, housework etc.,  I’m sure the list is endless.  But, perhaps it comes down to more than just not having the time; is it something that is on more of a personal, self-confidence level?

Having thought about what to write in this blog, it is overwhelmingly obvious to me that procrastination & self-confidence seem to come hand in hand.

 I have been running my Pilates & wellness business for over 14 years now and yet this is my first ever blog! I have tried and stopped many times but haven’t managed to post a blog that I am happy with.  Is this due to not having enough exposure to good content or to having to deal with the dreaded imposter syndrome? 

Imposter syndrome can overcome any of us.  We may have a momentary lapse of confidence or have a more permanent mindset of doubting our accomplishments and being fearful of being exposed as a ‘fraud’.  This feeling is not as uncommon as we may think and is something that should we experience, we need to address.

Good ideas for content are all around us.  You only have to look on most of the social media platforms to be inundated with the latest fitness trends, athletic wear, reality show or frustratingly the best way to lose weight and gain the ‘bikini body’.  So for me as a specialist expert in physical wellness, I really don’t have an excuse regarding the information surrounding me.  Therefore the imposter syndrome it must be!

My ethos for creating my Purebody business was to empower women to feel comfortable in their own bodies.  To not focus purely on the aesthetics of the ‘perfect’ body and on losing weight, but to look more towards the value of their internal & external health.  Classes designed for women of any post-natal stage to appreciate the importance of a strong body and for these classes to impart the knowledge and expertise that I have gained over many years.

Holistic ways of looking at health are also important.  Adding the elements of sport massage, nutrition & yoga can to my skill set can help to elevate our internal health even higher.  Why therefore I am still thinking in the same frame of mind as an ‘imposter’?

My amazing clients who return to my classes week in and week out are testimony to how I should be feeling.  Proud of the business I have created and the health and fitness of the hundreds of women I have taught over the years.  If I have made a difference to the body confidence and healthy mindset of even a small percentage of those I have taught then I am thrilled.  To allow them to have functional movement in all aspects of their life and especially as we get older is the key to what underpins my teaching.  

Imposter syndrome? No way!  I’m not allowing that thought to even enter my mind.  As for procrastination?  Well, it can go and do one as far as I’m concerned!  Embrace your small wins and store them up into a bigger and better pot and shower them down upon you when your mind wanders to that dreaded low self-confidence place.  Be you, believe in you, your USP is you!